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Nathaniel “Woody” Woodhull was raised in rural Upstate NY.  A Farming mentality of Integrity, Passion, and Self-Sufficiency are at the core values of his life.  After living there as a boy he and his brother Jesse Miller Woodhull moved to Albuquerque, NM.  In 1998 Woody moved to Bonita Springs with his daughter and her mother.  He started his first service business in Bonita Springs, Woody’s Window Washing.  He leveraged that opportunity to start Calusa Plastering Inc earning his County Plastering License in 2000 while working to finish and build hundreds of projects in the aforementioned communities over both Lee and Collier County.  In 2004, Woody earned his Florida State Certified Building Contractors License and began remodeling and building projects locally as well.

Customer Service is at the core of his belief system.  This knowledge along the way coupled with Market Conditions, Home Services, and Business Acumen has culminated into recognizing a professional void in the home-watch business throughout our communities for true state recognized & licensed professionals.  Don’t be fooled by the competition’s claim of “licensure”.  This is typically a county business license and does not mean that their business has a Florida State recognized professional designation.  It’s the old adage of “Buyer Beware”.  He believes that helping to protect your Investment that you made in our community is protecting our community as a whole.

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